cut & paste: pop collage

by Yoh Nagao

Yoh Nagao is a pop collage artist from Aichi Prefecture, Japan. Nagao’s pieces, exhibitions and artistic collaborations confirm the rising value of his unique style and endless creativity, which is being recognized all over the world. We welcome you to update your creative mind through collage technique by the ma...
02 Work 08


interactive art

by Martìn Romeo

The workshop provides the tools to build a project based on the use of real-time multimedia (digital sets, audio-visual performances, interactive installations, etc.). The following topics will be tackled: problems and phases in the construction of a process, from production tostaging, in order to realize one’s artistic work. The wo...
Sound Production Sound

Two day workshop

toy making: sculpting, molding, casting

by Pablo Perra

Pablo Perra is an italian artist and co-founder of artist-duo “Goodleg Toys” currently living in Berlin. As Goodleg Toys he and his partner Luke Toywalker create 80s and 90s style art-toys out of resin.Only short runs of 15 to 30 pieces hit the collectors market all over the world. They also prod...


contemporary calligraphy

by Drury Brennan

Contemporary Calligraphy workshop will be focused on learning the aesthetic systems behind calligraphy, and how we can adapt our already existing experience in form and letters to purely create. There will be also an introduction to basic calligraphy scripts and how they function as systems of repetitive form. Drury Brennan...
Contemporary Calligraphy

workshop space

Artistic workshop series this October will be hosted in 908 studio. 908 is an award-winning motion design studio and visual effects production with an in-house sound studio and a team of more than 20 passionate professionals who love what they do. As a design-driven agency known for its originality and sophistication, we produce...
908 Studio